Kaikoura, New Zealand
Albatross capital of the World
Kaikoura is a small town on the South Island of New Zealand. There is a superb company there, run by Dennis and Lynette Buurman, which offer daily pelagic trips for seabirds. The company is Ocean Wings – here’s a link to their website: http://www.oceanwings.co.nz/albatross/

They will take you offshore, still within close proximity of Kaikoura, for an array of albatross, petrels, shearwaters, terns, shags and gulls. The birds are close to shore as a submarine canyon (with its upwellings) passes near to the land. There is nowhere else in the world that can get you so close to various species and forms of albatross as this! Real close encounters – check out some of my photos here.
The albatross species here are:

Top: White-capped (Shy) Albatross

Upper left: Campbell (Black-browed) Albatross

Upper right: Gibson’s (Wandering) Albatross,
 with Cape Petrel

Left: Gibson’s (Wandering) Albatross

Lower: Salvin’s (Shy) Albatross