Quick-reference chart for the Pterodromas, the gad-fly petrels, of south-east Polynesia

Ensure your printer is set to Landscape, then simply print the matrix below for inserting to Harrison's
'Seabirds of the World - A Photographic Guide'
SE Polynesia
Light phase
Intermediate phase
Dark phase
White shafts on upperwing
White shafts on upperwing. ‘Darker’ underwing, less white than on Herald. White shafts separate from Providence and Herald. Smaller, browner and darker than Murphy’s and no grey-faced appearance
White head and underparts
Brown upperparts
White shafts on upperwing
Varies – most have dark underparts. Irregular white on chin, throat, belly
Ashy-brown head (not white like Kermadec). Ash-brown upperparts. Faint ‘M’ on upperwing. White underparts – dusky breastband
Herald Petrel
Head and underparts dark brown. Underwing has white forewing and large white panels. No white shafts. Smaller than Murphy’s, distinctly browner, darker and no grey-faced appearance. In S. Pacific split as Henderson Petrel
Phoenix Petrel
Like Tahiti – dark head and upper breast with white belly – but smaller. Variable whitish chin and throat. White forewing on underwing. Dark underwing, no white at base of primaries like intermediate Kermadec and Herald. General flight with wings bent at carpal, not ‘curling upwards’ at tip?
Tahiti Petrel
Like Phoenix but larger, smaller headed and longer necked. Dark chin and throat. Sometimes narrow pale line through centre of underwing. General flight with wings ‘curling upwards’ at tip?
Murphy’s Petrel
Greyish-brown overall – ‘lighter’ in colour, and larger than Kermadec and Herald. Grey (mottling) around front of face. White primaries/secondaries patch on underwing
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