This aberrant Royal Penguin, above, lacked any black, being a milky-coffee colour. Odd, yet it was accepted by its kind, it can be called amelanistic (without melanin, the dark pigment), or to be precise, it is melanic-schizochroistic, where there is a loss of the eumelanins (the dark browns or blacks), which results in the ‘fawn’ colour.

The King Penguin, left, is (partial) leucistic.

The Adelie below would seem to be partial albino as the bill, which should be reddish-black, is white with red tip.
This Gentoo chick, left, is also melanic-schizochroistic; a loss of eumelanins has left the 'fawn' colour.
This odd Yellow-eyed Penguin, below left and right, was photographed by Brenda Hotham. It appears to be melanic-leucistic, where nearly all the melanic pigments are lost and carotenoid pigments remain, thus the bird lacks the black coloration but retains the yellow in the head region.