Birds aboard Ships
Here are a few photos that Iíve taken of birds that have landed on ships.

With seabirds this phenomenon happens particularly in poor weather (especially fog) when they are attracted, occasionally fatally, to the shipís lights. Sometimes it can involve dozens of birds, disorientated they can be scattered over the decks and hiding, huddled, in any dark corner.

I try to release these birds at the darkest area of the ship or keep them inside a cardboard box overnight. During daylight it is important to ensure the release is away from the sight of predatory giant petrels, skuas or gulls.  

Landbirds will hitch a ride, sometimes staying aboard a few days, taking the opportunity to rest awhile whilst on migration.
Right - Kerguelen Petrel
Galapagos Petrel - a surprise, this rare bird came aboard on a clear night
Blue Petrel
- superb condition, just disorientated
Above and Right - Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel - this one unfortunately found dead in the emptied swimming pool
Below - Antarctic Prion - getting out from a severe snow storm
Above - South Georgia Diving-Petrel
Taking a rest: left: Snowy Egret
above and below: Red-breasted Nuthatch
right: Garden Warbler





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